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Synthetic Dream

1Pixels Rain
2Digital Memories
5Syntax error (piano)
6Syntax error
7Sea of memories
88-bit levels (SID)

“Synthetic Dream”, like previous Maciej Bether inspirations, “Masquerade” and “Clockwork City” transcends rhythm and melody to become a spiritual experience. Where it ultimately takes you, will depend on you, but it will evoke emotions or imaginary places if you give it a chance. My first hearing of “Synthetic Dream” was less impressive, just listening to snatches of a few tracks in a hurry. But when I decided to listen to it in its entirety, the album engrossed both my attention and imagination.

The music sank into the background as my emotional reaction intensified while the tracks seemed to build on each other somehow. On each listening now, I get a different reaction, as the album has almost turned into a meditative experience, notwithstanding the fact that it’s pretty upbeat. “Synthetic Dream” is a great title because this album is deep and different every time you listen to it.

Maciej Bether is practically in a class of his own, as there are very few other indie artists with a catalog as varied as his in the electronic music genre. Bether builds huge arrangements under a basic, easily-grasped melody. Either he goes for a rhythmic composition like “Nemesis”, or a lush, ethereal sounding orchestration as in “Pixels Rain” in this albums, but in both cases, there’s still that catchy melody on top of it, which gets inside your head.

The eight tracks on “Synthetic Dream” is relaxing, inspiring, and thought provoking. It’s the kind of music to which you can listen and be entertained by the emotions and visions it draws from you. In general Bether composes music and designs sound vibrations that are melodical, harmonical, rhythmical, and intuitive. As opposed to the darker “Masquerade” album, “Synthetic Dream” is lighter, more accessible, and uplifting; probably a very good place to start to appreciate the music of this accomplished Polish musician.

The tracklist includes: “Pixels Rain”, “Digital Memories”, “Nemesis”, “Escape”, “Syntax Error(piano)”, “Syntax Error”, “Sea Of Memories” and “8-bit Levels [SID]”

All in all, this is a fantastic piece of electronic music, filled with power and dynamics. An absolute must buy for any fan of the genre. As mentioned before, “Synthetic Dream” is probably the best “starter” album for anybody wanting to hear the range of styles and talent of Maciej Bether.

Rick Jamm